Inclusion Task

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The purpose of the Inclusion Task Force is to actively engage across the Adas community to collaborate and provide enriching experiences that make Adas a leader in the inclusion of individuals with all types of disabilities, welcoming them, their family and friends to our services, programs and building. The Task Force, our Board, clergy and staff are all engaged in making this happen.

Task Force Members: Michelle Buzgon, Pamela Ehrenberg, Joel Fischman, Marcie Goldstein, Zoe Gross, Judith Heumann, Debbie Joseph, Amanda Maisels, Naomi Malka, Aurora Reyes, Tamar Shuldiner and Sara Vogler

Inclusion Survey

Diversity and inclusion are core Jewish values. This survey seeks to capture the experiences of all our members around their abilities to access our programs, building and communal life. We are trying to identify barriers to full accessibility, whether they are physical, architectural, sensory, social, intellectual, or educational. The questions will help you explain your and/or your family members’ needs to us so we can best address them. Your answers will help us determine the best allocation of a limited amount of resources in the most intelligent way.

Ruderman Family Foundation

Adas Israel Congregation is proud to be a member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s Inclusion Initiative. Supported by a generous grant from the Ruderman Family Foundation, this national cohort is leading the curve of creating truly inclusive communities for people with disabilities.

Inclusion Shabbat

Saturday, February 20, 2016


February 20th will mark the 3rd year that the Adas community will actively participate in National Jewish Disability Awareness Month. This day is an opportunity to continue to learn from members at Adas and others from the Jewish community in DC about why Judaism is important to us, and what more we can be doing to remove physical and attitudinal barriers. The program being presented by the Inclusion Task Force is assembling a diverse group of people who have wonderful, thoughtful comments to make. It is also an opportunity to look at the progress we at Adas have made and learn about what other congregations are doing.

Our main speaker will be Liz Weintraub, a nationally recognized woman who is a self- advocate in the United States. Her life story is compelling and will be delivered in the Smith. Following the Kiddush, we will have a panel of speakers with a broad array of disabilities briefly discussing their experiences followed by an opportunity for discussion.

We welcome your active participation.

Examples of Accommodations at Adas Israel

  • Quiet room with minimal sensory stimulation
  • Sign Language Interpretation
  • Gender Neutral Restroom
  • Large Print Siddurim and Machzorim
  • Allergy-friendly kiddush
  • Accesible Bimah and Reading Table
  • Full time Developmental Support Coordinator in Gan HaYeled
  • Expanded wheelchair & partner seating in sanctuaries
  • Access to livestreaming of popular events through any computer, labtop or mobile device
Thu, November 23 2017 5 Kislev 5778